CommonSpirit Health's Strategic
Ambulatory Expansion

As a real estate partner for CommonSpirit Health’s expanding ambulatory footprint for more than a decade, Boldt worked closely with key stakeholders on several projects including a cancer center, health and wellness facility, Medical Office Building and more. 

CommonSpirit Health aimed to enhance the health and well-being of the community by transitioning from a sick care model to a preventive care model and expanding its presence in the Front Range region. Boldt played a key role in realizing this vision through strategic site assembly, innovative partnerships and integrated physician recruitment while ensuring on-time and on-budget delivery in a competitive environment.


CommonSpirit (formerly Centura Health)


Canon City, CO
Colorado Springs, CO
Monument, CO

Total Projects


Total Project Value (Combined)

$63.9 Million

Comprehensive Strategy & Results

Site Assembly
One of the critical components of this partnership was Boldt’s ability to assemble sites efficiently. CommonSpirit Health identified potential areas for expansion, and Boldt took on the task of locating appropriate locations based on programmatic and community needs. For instance, in an area with limited available land, Boldt assembled three parcels with existing buildings, relocated the businesses, and demolished the buildings to construct a new facility. By acquiring both on-market and off-market sites discreetly, Boldt secured properties at aggressive rates. This strategic approach allowed CommonSpirit Health to develop new healthcare centers within budget.
Integrated Physician Recruitment
While physician recruitment is often outsourced to brokerage services, Boldt’s internal team collaborated directly with CommonSpirit Health to attract complementary and strategically-aligned third-party physician groups. We worked hand-in-hand to connect with target groups and offered physician ownership options that allowed for all involved to be fully invested in each project. Offering ownership options to physicians fostered investment in the projects, leading to facilities opening with over 95% occupancy while maintaining control over the practice environment.
Innovative Healthcare Models
Through the power of strategic partnerships, Boldt engineered groundbreaking solutions that addressed the unique needs of CommonSpirit Health. Recognizing the need to shift from reactive sick care to proactive preventative care in the northern market, Boldt successfully realized this vision with the creation of the Tri-Lakes Health Pavilion. This facility not only provides traditional medical services but also offers child care services, a health concierge, and extensive community outreach programs. What’s more, the Pavilion is seamlessly linked to an existing YMCA through a shared atrium, demonstrating a truly collaborative approach. Boldt’s proactive collaboration with the YMCA to establish a Joint Operating Committee has played a pivotal role in defining how the two organizations integrate and share services within the new facility.

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