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We deliver innovative financial structures to offer you the lowest cost.

At Boldt, we see the mismatch between the lease structures that traditional capital markets offer, and what health systems actually need to meet their goals. Our approach shatters these conventions, which allows us to push the limits of financial possibilities.    

That’s what makes us different. We use our own capital, allowing us to be flexible without the constraints of the traditional markets.

  Significantly lower rental rates

Self-funded and agile

Focused on maximum value for our clients

Long-term holders of our assets    

90% of our customers repeat working with us. Check out some of our projects with our long standing partners here.

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A flexible, low-cost and convenient partner 

Boldt Healthcare Real Estate is a leading healthcare real estate developer with over 130 years of experience. Our long history has taught us how to combat uncertain markets and the changing healthcare industry, making us a reliable partner for your strategic goals. 

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