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Nebraska Medicine

At Boldt, we pride ourselves on offering the lowest possible cost for every project every time. That’s easy to say, but what does that actually mean in practice? Take a look at our experience with our partner Nebraska Medicine, who has used our low-cost, convenient, and flexible approach to real estate development for several projects in the greater Nebraska area.  

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Site selection

Boldt vetted and selected parcels for Nebraska Medicine’s ambulatory expansion. To avoid paying a premium on the land, Boldt discreetly acquired the parcels while keeping the identity of the owner confidential. This commitment to cost saving reduced the overall price of the projects.  

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

Speed to market

In order to capture the share of the market share of patients, Boldt efficiently designed and managed construction of the ambulatory clinics. In fact, the first clinic opened just 13 months after Boldt was engaged on the project. This allowed Nebraska Medicine to reduce the time to revenue after implementing program goals for the ambulatory clinics. 

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

Cost savings through modularization and standardization

Along each step of the way, from construction decisions to lease terms, Boldt’s ultimate goal is to save our clients’ capital. As a development partner, we creatively align program goals with facility solutions. One example of this is the modularization and standardization tactics used in this project. The basic floor plan of each clinic followed a standard model, which allowed for the design of the clinic to be repeated without extensive redesign.  

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

Cost savings through space design

Along with Boldt’s planning, design, and construction experts, we designed Nebraksa Medicine’s spaces with revenue generating space at the forefront. By focusing capital on patient-facing portions of the clinic, we saved costs by trimming unnecessary features in the operational and back of house clinic space.  

Additionally, we innovated the design of each clinic to reduce the standard square footage of exam rooms from the typical 500 square feet to 450. This increased efficiency and lowered the overall cost of the clinics. We achieved these cost savings with no sacrifice to the program goals and revenue generating clinic spaces.  

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

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Boldt Healthcare Real Estate is a leading healthcare real estate developer with over 140 years of experience. Our long history has taught us how to combat uncertain markets and the changing healthcare industry, making us a reliable partner for your strategic goals.  

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When you are looking to expand your footprint, we have the experience and expertise to help you through the process. Our team will guide you through choosing the right location and building design and finding financing options that work for your budget.

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