Centura Health has a longstanding partnership with Boldt that started over 10 years ago.  We have worked together to implement Centura Health’s ambulatory expansion strategy throughout the front range.  Together we have developed facilities that range from on-campus cancer centers to health and wellness facilities with each project being a reflection of the needs of the community it serves. 

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Boldt came alongside Centura Health in a multitude of ways in order to assist in their ambulatory expansion plans.  Site assembly was an initial step in the process.  Centura put a few circles on a map and Boldt went to work locating an appropriate location based on programmatic and community needs.  Being able to find on and off market sites while flying under the radar of the Centura brand allowed for sites to be acquired at aggressive rates that are usually not afforded to health systems. 

One of the projects was to be located in an area that had little to no land available.  Boldt assembled three parcels with existing buildings and businesses, the businesses were relocated and buildings raised in order to build the facility.  This was all done while keeping the budgeted rents.


Physician recruitment is an area of real estate development that tends to be handed off to outside brokerage services.  This is not the case for Boldt.  We have an internal team and proven processes to work alongside Centura Health in attracting complimentary and strategically aligned third-party physician groups.  Boldt worked hand in hand with Centura to reach out to groups they were targeting to align with and we offered the physician ownership options that allowed for all involved to be fully invested in each project. 

Centura was able to open with each facility over 95% occupied while maintaining control of who they were practicing alongside. 


As healthcare is changing from a sick care model to preventative care model, Centura Health tasked itself with creating a facility and model that is at the forefront of preventative care. Boldt was able to bring this vision to life by coordinating like minded individuals all working to breaking down silos under one roof. In partnership with the YMCA the Tri-Lakes Health Pavilion did just that. This is a shining example of how community members working together can move the needle in a positive direction.



Broadmoor Neighborhood Health Center

3 sites assembled, 2 buildings raised, businesses relocated, 32,000 sq feet developed, strategic lease terms for orthopedic group community partner, foothold in an affluent and highly sought after neighborhood.

Tri-Lakes Health Pavilion

Retrofitted and expanded on the YMCA facility to create a 50,000 sq ft cohesive health and wellness experience, child watch available to all tenants, health concierge, Centura and YMCA partnered community outreach, preventative care model, true halo effect took place in this innovative facility. 

St. Peregrine Pavilion and Cancer Center

On campus 75,000 sq ft, strategic partnership for endoscopy group making the timing critical, Boldt took on approval and development risk to push the project schedule, aggressive cost of capital made this project a reality.

St. Thomas More Medical Office Building

On-campus 32,000 sq ft, right sized with reduced square footage of 10,000 sf to fit budget while holding program and accounting for future expansion. 

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