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With the shakeup in Medicaid and Medicare reimbursement rates, payer mix is becoming more important than ever to stretch your margins and reach revenue goals.  

Douglas County has the lowest share of uninsured residents in the state of Colorado. We think that’s pretty remarkable. What else does this county offer? 

High healthcare spend: Residents in Douglas County spend an average of 37% MORE on medical services than the national average.  

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Growing population: From 2023 to 2027, Douglas County is expected to grow at an annual rate of 16.8%. With a growing population comes growing demand for medical services.  

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High wealth index

Douglas County has a wealth index of 204 (the national average is 100). By maximizing revenue in this area, resources can be allocated to support mission-critical initiatives and increase access to care in less affluent communities.  

This is all well and good, but you might be asking yourself: “what can Boldt offer me?”  

Well, our innovative approach to development positions us as a partner to your health system as you explore growth in this area. We demonstrate this in a variety of ways.  


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Low cost

Our unique financing structure allows us to offer some of the lowest rates out there. We’re transparent with our pricing, and we work as an extension of your team to drive to the lowest cost possible on every project. Using creative PDC models such as modular and prefab processes, we can trim costs at every step along the way.


We like to think of ourselves as the easy button when it comes to real estate development. In fact, over 90 percent of our clients come back for repeat projects for this reason. We work as an integrated part of your team and take on the grunt work of development, leaving your staff to focus on mission-critical objectives.


With over 134 years of experience, we have weathered countless storms of financial and industry fluctuations. These experiences have taught us that one of the best things we can offer to our clients is flexibility. Tell us what your goals are, and we wrap our approach around you. Not the other way around. Working as a part of your team, we offer unique and flexible solutions that allow you to maintain your balance sheet, reduce your rental rates, or attract new physicians to your programming.  


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