Outpatient Trends Fuel Revenue Growth

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Outpatient ambulatory care is taking a front seat as one of the fastest growing and highest margin segments of the healthcare industry. 

Complex procedures and surgeries are now possible in a less expensive outpatient setting due to consolidating market, CMS payment reforms and new medical technologies.  

Many health systems have benefited from this trend but there are many significant opportunities remain to be captured.  As inpatient beds in around the country have been at or near full occupancy during the recent pandemic, the pressure on acute settings has heightened the role that ambulatory care plays in the healthcare landscape.

Outpatient Growth Trending Up

Ambulatory Surgery Center growth has been taking place for quite sometime and has proven to be more cost effective for the patient and payers alike.  The entire operating chassis is modeled at a lower cost base across staff, space and supplies, while margins for healthcare providers can often be the same or higher.  


A disproportionate share of growth in the coming years will be in ambulatory settings.  This includes both free-standing as well as hospital outpatient departments.  Non-hospital provider segments could account for almost 65 percent of projected profit pools within the year.  The projected growth rates are consistent with employment forecasts.  Employment in outpatient care centers is projected to grow around 35 percent over the next decade, making it the second fastest growing industry overall.  (Source: Mckinsey)

Boldt’s Ambulatory Experience 
Boldt has partnered with Nebraska Medicine to assist them with their strategic ambulatory plan and we are currently on our 5th primary care clinic for the University of Nebraska Medical Center in Omaha. This is part of the same strategic approach to get care out into the community. Each clinic is 13,000 sq. ft. and is strategically placed in areas around Omaha that are under-served from a healthcare access standpoint. This has also helped Nebraska Medicine defend market share in the Omaha surrounding area. The map below shows how we’ve strategically placed the buildings to support the “hub and spoke” approach.

Map of NM Locations for Email 071320

Boldt was engaged through a nationwide search to develop multiple Primary Care Clinics for Nebraska Medicine in key market locations. 

If you would be interested in further conversations in how Boldt can augment your expansion strategies, please don’t hesitate to reach out, (844) 44-BOLDT or boldt.development@boldt.com.

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