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As Oregon joined other states requiring ratios for nurse staffing, health systems across the country have been cutting jobs, while others are pursuing massive hospital expansion. These conflicting messages have us scratching our heads- what are some of the solutions to the paradox of healthcare staffing?  

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Oregon joins other states in setting ratios for nurse staffing


Modern Healthcare, August 17, 2023

Oregon Health & Science University Hospital, located in Portland, opposed the measure, saying it didn’t address the underlying issues contributing to understaffing and will be hard to implement in the proposed timeline. 

Times Leader, July 12, 2023

The $900 million project includes an 11-story “bed tower” with private patient rooms, increasing emergency room and operating room capacity by about 50% each, roughly doubling Intensive Care Unit capacity, and expanding the cardiac care program. All told, it will add nearly 600,000 square feet to the existing 700,000 square-foot complex. 

Becker’s Hospital Review, August 18, 2023

Becker’s has reported at least 20 health systems that have announced changes to leadership ranks and administration teams in 2023. The changes come as hospitals continue to grapple with financial challenges, leading some organizations to cut jobs and implement other operational adjustments. 

Becker’s Hospital Review, August 11, 2023

Healthcare’s grand layoff total to 40,947 in the first seven months of the year; a 101 percent increase from the same time period in 2022. 

Fierce Healthcare, August 10, 2023

The funding will go toward increasing the number of nursing school faculty, supporting the career ladders for licensed practical nurses and vocational nurses to become registered nurses and training more nurses to become primary care providers.  

New Hampshire Bulletin, August 15, 2023

Senate Bill 149, signed last week, is intended to be a step toward a solution. It does not cap what staffing agencies can charge, as other states have considered, but it does set limits on their practices with the goal of controlling costs. 

The Journal by the Wall Street Journal

“I think it’s a temporary bandaid and may temporarily solve the staffing issues. I just wish the industry was different and that everybody was happy. Because only reason they made these gig apps is because essentially, a lot of nurses aren’t happy and they’re leaving. And I think that needs to be addressed in a more long-term practical way.

Modern Healthcare, August 11, 2023

Almost all of the 54 health systems that responded to the Modern Healthcare survey said that their organizations had increased pay, boosted referral bonuses and implemented more flexible schedules to improve recruitment and retention. 

The Orange County Register, July 23, 2023

Over the next three to five years, a half-dozen health brands will either expand or break ground in Irvine, creating several million square feet of new hospital and health education space, 350 new care beds, and thousands of high-paying new jobs. 

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, optimizing staff efficiency stands as a paramount concern for modern healthcare facilities. As the demand for high-quality patient care continues to rise, healthcare real estate design is emerging as a strategic solution to address staffing challenges head-on. This article delves into the transformative impact of meticulous healthcare real estate design on mitigating staffing shortages, with a particular focus on ergonomic layouts, smart equipment placement, and other design elements that decisively amplify staff productivity. 

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