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Looking Ahead: Expanding Your Outpatient Strategy

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When you pair the need for expansion with the increasing costs of healthcare and declining reimbursements, you have an environment that is difficult to manage alone. This is where Boldt’s low-cost approach to healthcare real estate development can help you grow faster with flexible, financial offerings to meet care demands at or below market rates.

*U.S. Census Bureau, 2017 Projected Population by Single Year of Age

In today’s healthcare landscape, the number of consumers continues to grow at an exponential pace. As the population ages, the demographic that commands the majority of healthcare needs will continue to grow beyond the current available supply of care. This growth will have a major impact on the overall healthcare expenditures nationwide and the need for healthcare facilities to meet this demand.
Meeting the growing demand of healthcare and the continuous move toward outpatient care are major challenges that will increase the need for more nimble finance and development partners. We will curate a specific capital plan for you that will ensure your money is being optimally utilized toward your outpatient expansion. 
Whether you are looking for bridge financing, ownership reversion options, joint venture options or Boldt as Sole Owner, we are flexible and have the ability to fit exactly what you need at the time you need it. Let Boldt wrap around your facility expansion needs. Our approach is to build teams that align goals, use our experience in executing healthcare projects to drive down costs while maintaining your operational objectives, and invest our equity in your projects to deliver flexible financing structures to preserve financial feasibility.

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