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Financial Flexibility Options

Low-cost and convenient access to capital

Boldt offers some of the lowest cost capital available to meet your short- and long-term financial goals. We see the mismatch between the lease structures that traditional capital markets offer, and what health systems need to achieve their strategic vision. Our flexible approach shatters these conventions, which allows us to push the limits of financial possibilities. 

Here are some of the most popular financing options that could be an option for your health system:

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

At-risk development

We develop and own real estate while allowing control to stay with the health system.  Boldt’s expertise drives the development process, including site selection and acquisition, entitlements, programming, leasing, design and construction.  

Joint Ventures

We have created a shared investment ownership model that has allowed our health system partners and physician tenants to share in the ownership of the real estate they occupy. Boldt will own and fund any portion of the project that our client and physicians elect not to own. Limited risk is required of our clients, and Boldt takes development and construction risk. 

Sutter Health Van Ness Campus Hospital
Sutter Health Sacramento Healthcare


We can acquire a health system’s existing assets as a way to preserve debt capacity and create additional flexibility for the system. The health system maintains control of the asset through restrictive covenants included in the ground lease. 


We’ll coordinate your program from beginning to end—from planning and design to construction and commissioning, including financial feasibility, master plan development, project team assembly, preconstruction, construction, fixtures and equipment, move-in and occupancy.  

Nebraska Medicine Brentwood Health Center

Boldt's Financial Flexibility

Each of these financing options has its own unique benefits and challenges, and it’s important for health systems to carefully consider which option is right for their specific needs and goals. Boldt can work with you to help them understand the pros and cons of each option and to help you make an informed decision. Not seeing a financing option that will fit your health system? We also offer tailored solutions that fit your financial and organizational needs.  


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Healthcare development made simple

When you are looking to expand your footprint, we have the experience and expertise to help you through the process. Our team will guide you through choosing the right location and building design and finding financing options that work for your budget.

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